Additional One Day Modules:

Conflict Resolution

This module will provide participants with a strategy to help young people work out interpersonal conflicts without resorting to violence. Participants will be able to identify their personal response to conflict; describe the difference between compromise and collaboration; demonstrate the steps in conflict resolution.

The Life Space Interview (LSI) for Proactive Aggression

This module will provide participants with the skills to analyse how proactive aggressive youth distance themselves from their emotions; analyse when and how to use the modified LSI for proactive aggressive young people; carry out the modified LSI.

Developing Individual Crisis Management Plans

This module will provide participants with the skills to differentiate between proactive and reactive aggression and understand the appropriate intervention strategies for each and develop ICMPs for high risk behaviours.

Post-Crisis Response Reflective Practice for Staff and Agency

This module addresses the emotional needs staff may have when managing aggressive young people and how front line staff can be supported by the supervisor through a process of debriefing and incident review.

Bespoke TCI

Tailored short courses to meet specific needs.